East Bohemian Air Archives

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The activity of the association focuses on the search for collapsed aircraft, especially from II. World War II, collecting historically valuable materials, renovating them and organizing memorial events or exhibitions in aviation pilgrimages.


  • to keep fragments for the next generation, not to sell them
  • further intensive development, publicity and aviation promotion
  • support for young people interested in aviation issues
  • organizing exhibitions and other public events, helping them, or attending similar events outside the region
  • searching stable sponsors for these events in the Czech Republic and abroad

Legislative bodies:

  • chairman: Jan Pohorelec, senior
  • members: Pavel Kalina, František Lansman, Martin Veverka, p. Veverka st., Libor Milotínský, p. Štěpánek, Petr Čermák, Jiří Račák, Tomáš Hrdina, Jan Pohorelec ml., Jana Pohorelcová, Lucie Pohorelcová.


Junkers JU 87D5 - Stuka
Found and picked up on 17 May 1997 between the towns of Třebosice and Dřenice in the district of Pardubice (Czech Republic)

Focke Wulf FW 190 A8
Found and picked up on 20 March 1998 in the village of Svítkov district of Pardubice (Czech Republic)

Messerchmitt BF 109G
Found and collected on 10. 10. 1997 in the village of Sobětuchy district Chrudim (CZ)

Newly opened in 2016
Newly opened in 2016

All engines and air archives
can be viewed in the premises of the East Bohemian Air Archives in Čepi on the basis of a telephone agreement or order.

Established: 27. 11. 1997

RES registration: 913390 activities of other member organizations

IČ: 65670019

Mobil: +420 602 230 994

Web: https://vlacepi.svet-stranek.cz

Facebook: Východočeský letecký archiv Čepí