CBRN filter-ventilation

We have developed and produced devices for the collective protection of people against bacteriological, chemical and radioactive contamination.

Filtration efficiency 99,999% MPPS

Suitable for areas designed for civil protection of people, covers, bunkers, containers, field hospitals, operating theaters, postoperative care, spa and sanatoriums, kindergartens and schools, family and apartment buildings.



Transport filter-ventilation device suitable for special fitting of fire trucks, ambulances, containers, mobile laboratories, infectious units, ICUs, field hospitals, CO bunkers and shelters, etc.

Filtro-ventilace MG250S-I
Filtro-ventilace MG250S-I

Benefits of MG250S-I

  • Filtration efficiency 99.999% MPPS
  • Independence on the central ventilation
  • Reliability according to ČSVN 01 105
  • Mechanical resistance of CSVN 09 105, category N7
  • Climatic resistance according to ČSVN 09 0105
  • Degree of protection IP 65
  • El. compatibility ČSN EN 33 2000-6-61
  • Security according to Military Standard 285
  • Stackability

DFU filtration

Simple filter-ventilation solution without any need of construction modifications. Great solutions for hospitals - post-operative care, infectious wards, laboratories, smog areas, allergies and asthmatics, schools, children, and people with weakened immunity,

DFU filtro-ventilace
DFU filtro-ventilace

Benefits of DFU

  • Fresh air supply
  • High efficiency of filtration
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy installation in the interior
  • Fast filter change
  • Signal filter failure
  • Overpressure signaling

4 types of DFU

  • SMOG

Czech top technology still accessible only in special sectors.


Device for collective protection of people. Filter-ventilation unit of simplified design suitable for home shelters, industrial filtration with top efficiency of air filtration.

Guard 250

  • Air flow rate: 150 - 250 m3/hour / 650 /Pa
  • El. input: Pmax/min 120/70 W
  • Dimensions: 310x310x1500 mm

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