CBRN filter-ventilation

We have developed and produced devices for the collective protection of people against bacteriological, chemical and radioactive contamination.

Filtration efficiency 99,999% MPPS

Suitable for areas designed for civil protection of people, covers, bunkers, containers, field hospitals, operating theaters, postoperative care, spa and sanatoriums, kindergartens and schools, family and apartment buildings.

MG250S-I - shake-resistant
DFU - door application
KP 19 - in the ceiling


Transport filter-ventilation device suitable for special fitting of fire trucks, ambulances, containers, mobile laboratories, infectious units, ICUs, field hospitals, CO bunkers and shelters, etc.

Filtro-ventilace MG250S-I
Filtro-ventilace MG250S-I

Benefits of MG250S-I

  • Filtration efficiency 99.999% MPPS
  • Independence on the central ventilation
  • Reliability according to ČSVN 01 105
  • Mechanical resistance of CSVN 09 105, category N7
  • Climatic resistance according to ČSVN 09 0105
  • Degree of protection IP 65
  • El. compatibility ČSN EN 33 2000-6-61
  • Security according to Military Standard 285
  • Stackability

DFU filtration

Simple filter-ventilation solution without any need of construction modifications. Great solutions for hospitals - post-operative care, infectious wards, laboratories, smog areas, allergies and asthmatics, schools, children, and people with weakened immunity,

DFU filtro-ventilace
DFU filtro-ventilace

Benefits of DFU

  • Fresh air supply
  • High efficiency of filtration
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy installation in the interior
  • Fast filter change
  • Signal filter failure
  • Overpressure signaling

4 types of DFU

  • SMOG

Czech top technology still accessible only in special sectors.

KP 19

Device for collective protection of people. Filter-ventilation unit of simplified design suitable for home shelters, industrial filtration with top efficiency of air filtration. Efficient filtration of viruses smaller than 0,002 mm (even COVID-19), allergens, smog, etc.  

Filter-ventilation KP 19 suitable for in the ceiling instalation
Filter-ventilation KP 19 suitable for in the ceiling instalation

KP 19

  • Filtration efficiency: 99,998 % MPPS
  • Air flow rate: 100 m3 / hour acc. a filter
  • El. input: max 250 W
  • Dimensions: 420 x 210 x 810 mm

    KP 19 = space cleanness

    • No spread of chemical aerosols, ozone O3, no UVC germicid light
    • Filtration of particles smaller than 0,002 mm
    • Fast filter exchange
    • Simple assembly
    • Space overpressure / underpressure
    • Simple control
    • Full filter signalization
    • Low electricity consumtion

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